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Coraline Review

coralineWow. I can’t say much more than that. Friday night, TJ & I saw Coraline, and we were also lucky enough to see it in 3D. I was skeptical about how the 3D effect would work – especially since we both wear glasses – but it took my breath away. Literally.bobinsky

Everything in this stop-motion  film was hand-made, and that was the draw of it for me. At the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood, they displayed of some of the movie’s set pieces. The detail that went into each little piece was unbelievable – especially in my favorite character, Mr. Bobinsky (right). He had the tiniest corkscrew hairs on his chest & arms. And the details like his knee brace and the medal on his chest really sealed the deal on his character for me. Oh, and his love of cheese.

I can’t imagine the patience it must have taken to create such a stunning film. Every second of the film required 24 separate frames – that’s stopping & adjusting the characters & sets 24 different times for each SECOND of film. The crew of almost 400 people worked 50-hour weeks just to produce about 5 minutes of footage per month. All of this adjusting of the characters took its toll on the delicate parts of them. Artists worked nonstop for two years just making replacement hands for Coraline alone. (More info on the making of the film here.)

The characters’ clothes were another draw for me. In my attempt to make the clothes for TJ’s puppets, I learned just how hard it is to work with such tiny garments. And, after watching this video, I learned I didn’t even know the half of it.


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Bragging about TJ

tjHe’s my sweet guy with the sense of humor that makes him so unique. He’s also becoming one well-known motionographer with quite the resume. Last year, he won the Adobe Cut & Paste video contest.

And this year, TJ was invited to compete in the Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament. This is an international, 16-city competition where the best of the best duke it out for 8 hours over their keyboards to produce the best motion graphics design.

This is, like, the Super Bowl of design.

And TJ is one of the finalists! Only four motion graphics designers per city are chosen – four per city! – and he will be one of the LA-based designers competing on February 21 in Hollywood!

And, if TJ wins the LA contest…he will fly to NYC in June for the GLOBAL design tournament!

Here’s to a successful spring & summer for my favorite guy! I’ll be there to take pics and wave my homemade “TJ ROCKS” poster while wearing my “I’M MARRIED TO THAT GUY!” t-shirt and screaming at the top of my lungs, “I LOVE YOU, TEEJ!”

I swear to God, he never ceases to amaze me. I’ve come to say, “If there’s a way for it to be done, TJ will figure it out.”

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Public policy can be so F-ed up, you know?

Just read.  And call your Congressman. Or Congresswoman. Please.

There’s some more info here on how this ridiculous law could impact different parts of our society.

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Consuming Less

I feel like I do my best to consume less. Opting to walk instead of drive. Buying local. Buying secondhand. Bringing my own bags to stores, or opting to put my purchases in my purse – or, (gasp!) using my magnificent eight fingers and two opposable thumbs to carry my purchases out of the store.

Last week, I went to the grocery for coffee creamer and Clif bars – five items, total. At the checkout, when asked paper or plastic, I said, “Neither. I’ll carry everything out.”

The bagger pulled out of her apron a roll of neon-orange, 4-inch circular stickers. They read Thank you for shopping at Ralph’s, and she put one on each of my five items.

“It’s a new rule. We have to sticker everything that leaves the store without a bag. To prove you paid for the stuff.”

So much for simplicity. I couldn’t help but wonder why the security guard needed bright orange stickers to see that I wasn’t shoplifting. Couldn’t he simply verify my purchase by looking at my receipt as I left the store? This wouldn’t create an enormous problem. How many items can a person really carry in their arms? Would it be that difficult to look at a receipt and check-off five or six items?

I tried to eliminate the need for a bag by carrying my goods in my arms…but instead, someone else found it necessary to have these stickers manufactured and shipped to Ralph’s stores – processes that create waste.

Two steps forward, one step back.

Oh, and if you prefer the plastic grocery bags for collecting your dog’s poo on walks, check out these 100% biodegradable poop bags at PoopBags.com. I know, it creates waste to manufacture them…true, but you’ve gotta clean up the poo with something. It might as well be biodegradable. Plus, one year’s supply comes out to just over a penny a bag. Happy pooping!

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I was Featured!

I spend a LOT of time browsing the web, looking for ideas & inspiration. A LOT. I am also part of a few online design communities where people post pics of their projects & what not.  One of my favorites is Burda Style. There, you can post & browse projects, and you can also download patterns made by users. I love, love, love it. So, imagine my surprise when I logged in today and noticed that one of my projects was featured on the front page (my creation is on the left side of the page…the yellow tank top).burda

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I’ve Been Making Stuff

I seem to post this stuff in big batches. I guess it’s easier that way. Anyhow, I’ve been busy making stuff again! I posted all the pics on my Flickr page, but here are a few anyhow.


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Flowers for a Friend

Maizey and I hung out with our good friends Pete & Gus on Sunday and cheered on the Steelers (poor TJ’s working night & day on a Super Bowl commercial & had to miss out). I have to admit…I don’t follow the NFL, but I do enjoy watching football with friends. Since Pete was providing lunch, I wanted to bring something for him, and flowers came to mind. But, I hate how they always die, you know? So, I made some that can last forever from leftover fabric. (I admit…the green floral wire looks pretty cheezy inside the jar with the marbles…it was all I had to work with, though.)


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